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A New Era of Discovery


HealthTell’s proprietary platform enables the development of diverse peptide libraries.  Our automated manufacturing technology leverages proprietary peptide chemistry and highly scalable methods in the semi-conductor industry.  The synergy of the semi-conductor industry and our expertise in combinatorial chemistry creates our chemical libraries which enable high resolution, massively parallel observation of biomolecular interactionsThis novel development enables application in development and optimization of drug discovery, development and diagnostics.

HealthTell’s Rational Discovery libraries provide unprecedented perspective to inform biotherapeutic early discovery campaigns.  Our most comprehensive diverse libraries are used to survey binding across pan-proteome sequence space.  The high-resolution epitope binning and mapping of on-target, and off-target binding events drive discovery campaigns to higher quality optimised lead candidates while uniquely informing design of protein-specific libraries.  Protein-specific libraries (antigen, antigen-related proteins, etc.) are used to inform proprietary immunogen designs and to ensure specificity throughout lead optimisation and developability.

HealthTell’s ImmunoSignature libraries provide the capability to monitor a person’s humoral immune system, with concomitant observation of the statistically significant population of binding events indicative of both active immune system physiology and memory.  ImmunoSignatures are accessible in many sample types and are having an impact on a number of clinical trials by informing patient selection and predicting response to therapeutics.