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Rational Discovery

HealthTell offers the Biopharmaceutical Industry mAb service to solve costly and time consuming issues identifying lead therapeutic candidates by revealing highly informative content not possible in today’s process technologies on the market. Our solution is specific, reproducible, and affordable.

We work with biotherapeutic innovators to drive discovery programs that :

  • Maintain Specificity through optimization and developability.
  • Ensure Pan-Species Reactivity
  • Reveal undetectable rare functional clones
  • Eliminate parasitic clones
  • Avoid dominant epitopes

Antibodies remain the principal messenger molecules controlling immune response and protecting us from disease. Monoclonal Antibody Drugs (Biologics) now represent over 50%  of all drugs in development and are projected to grow rapidly in next 10 years.   In May, 2017 Downing et.al. verified that biologics are nearly 2x as likely to be subject to post-market safety events than other drugs. In today’s market, the ability to design and engineer antibodies is limited, due to reliance on poor tools that lack a precise and broad view of critical binding events. Analytical methods do not provide clear resolution to off-target binding, which will lead to decreased adverse events and sufficient information to claim IP. It is increasingly evident that sub-optimal target binding and limited specificity substantially constrain biotherapeutic research and development productivity.

HealthTell provides a simple process to bin & map antibodies in a single experiment, resulting in high resolution insight to binding sequences. We know precisely where every amino acid is located on a peptide sequence. This eliminates the laborious steps required today to bin by cross blocking and subsequently map by utilizing, for example, Xray Crystolography (most often multiple methods are utilized: Mass-Spec, mutagenesis and display methods).

Our technology can be utilized early in the discovery process or once a panel of clones are identified and will yield better candidates by informing on/off target binding, linear, and conformational epitopes. Our expert team are capable of designing proprietary immunogens to steer to desired epitopes.