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HealthTell partners with industry to resolve unique issues across early discovery, clinical development and personal health. We have demonstrated our successful partnering with leading biopharmaceutical companies in the industry and most recently, HealthTell joined the Digital Life Alliance.

At HealthTell we recognize the tremendous impact the biotechnology sector has on improving outcomes for patients through innovation.  We applaud the remarkable progress that the industry is making through a) identifying aspects of Immune System pathophysiology that definitively effect the course of disease, and b) delivering immunological interventional therapies that confer truly curative power. 

As the Immuno-therapeutic revolution proceeds, HealthTell is a trusted and valuable partner for both diagnostic and therapeutic innovators providing unparalleled Immunomics insights and monoclonal antibody characterization and development.

Rational Discovery

HealthTell creates a collaborative partnership beyond discovery of initial mAb candidates and provides milestones to recognize probability of success, sharing risks with our biopharmaceutical partners.

Our Rational Discovery libraries provide unprecedented perspective to inform biotherapeutic discovery campaigns.  The most comprehensive diverse libraries are used to survey binding across pan-proteome sequence space.  The high-resolution epitope binning and mapping of on-target, and off-target binding events drive discovery campaigns to higher quality optimized lead candidates while uniquely informing design of protein-specific libraries. 

Protein-specific libraries (antigen, antigen-related proteins, etc.) are used to inform proprietary immunogen designs and to ensure specificity throughout lead optimization and developability.  Starting points can be flexible. We can begin by analyzing potentially thousands of antibodies or confirm mAb Panels already identified potentially for production.

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