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The ImmunoSignatureTM Test provides a Snapshot of Your Body’s Immune System at Any Given Time.

The immune system has evolved over the course of human evolution to be an incredibly complex and diverse system, which recognizes and specifically responds to disease. The immune system responds to disease by creating antibodies, which identify and neutralize disease. Each person has the potential to produce billions of different antibodies. The amount of information contained in the variable region of a single antibody is quite large, allowing very specific recognition of diseases or even disease states. This amplification process is extremely rapid: an activated B cell produces thousands of antibodies per minute with a lifespan of up to a few months.

HealthTell has developed a unique approach to monitoring the current state of a person’s immune system, by taking a snapshot of what antibodies are present in the blood at a given time. This snapshot corresponds to a unique ImmunoSignatureTM pattern, and can be used to assess a person’s health or immune status. The scientific founders of HealthTell have spent the last 10 years exploring the science behind this approach, and applied it to over 30 different diseases including various cancers, infectious, autoimmune and Alzheimer’s disease.

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