HealthTell OneTestâ„¢ - Knowing Saves Lives

HealthTell, Inc. is a fast growing life sciences company that has developed OneTest™—a powerful new technology for the early detection and monitoring of progressive diseases such as cancer. The test is accurate, affordable, and requires only a simple drop of blood.

The ImmunoSignature™ Advantage: Unlike most conventional diagnostics, this test does not target the diseased cell or its products, but instead measures the body’s real-time responses to the diseased state by way of the repertoire of antibodies that the disease elicits. Because the immune system is the body’s defense line against virtually all diseases, it starts acting at the earliest stages of not only infection, but also chronic diseases such as cancer.

HealthTell can precisely and accurately detect the earliest presence of a disease, and monitor its progression over time using its proprietary OneTest approach. Because diseases are most effectively treated at early stages, this approach enables consumers to monitor their own health and seek treatment when it is most advantageous for them.