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Embracing Immune Health

About Us -A Biotechnology Company

HealthTell provides a tool that will change the face of diagnostics; a simple, affordable, accurate diagnostic test.


HealthTell is a Life Sciences and Biotechnology company that is commercializing the ImmunoSignature™ technology for accurate and timely detection, monitoring, and progression of chronic diseases. Based on a robust, scalable, proprietary technology, the company will provide the first and only diagnostic platform capable of detecting the presence of disease, stratifying patients, and monitoring disease progression. The ImmunoSignature™ technology is unlike any other, measuring the immune system instead of relying on inaccurate biomarkers or radiographic images.

The ImmunoSignature™ Test will enable physicians to detect disease at an early stage, resulting in improved outcomes and reduced healthcare expenditures. Historical evidence indicates feasibility in over 30 diseases across diverse categories: autoimmune, oncology, infectious disease, neurological and metabolic diseases. The single platform does not require product development changes for new indications. Rather, we train on diverse and representative disease samples to create a diagnostic algorithm resulting in accurate, actionable results to enable physician intervention.

HealthTell will empower physicians to make more informed decisions by providing the medical community with tools that will facilitate improved outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. Over 170 million people, in the US alone, are affected by chronic and debilitating diseases that create significant economic burden totaling over a trillion dollars. HealthTell is committed to improving the lives of patients through the power of ImmunoSignature™ Technology.