HealthTell - OneTestâ„¢

HealthTell is an early stage start-up company that is developing powerful new tools to help individuals monitor their health status.  This technology has already been demonstrated to work for over 30 diverse illnesses, ranging from cancer to infectious disease.  The test is simple and inexpensive, and can be performed with only a single drop of blood.

One of the largest challenges in modern medicine is the ability to detect the presence of disease much earlier, before it spreads or becomes difficult to treat.  Unfortunately, this generally requires complex, expensive monitoring systems capable of detecting small numbers of cancer cells, viruses, or other pathogens in the bloodstream.

HealthTell has taken a radically different approach to solving this problem.  Instead of trying to measure the pathogen directly, we are measuring the body’s unique response (it’s “immunosignature”) to a given disease or disease state. By understanding what each immunosignature means and how it changes over time, we can provide a broad menu of highly accurate tests that are capable of detecting diseases much earlier and less invasively than is possible today.